QR & Barcode Scanner& QR Code Generator…published on play store

What is the name of your app?

Free QR & Barcode Scanner&Simple QR Code Generator

Describe your app:

  • Scan QR Codes, quickly read all QR Codes.
  • Access History Section.
  • Inbuild OCR scanner.
  • Barcode Scanner.
  • Create custom QR code.


App Store/Download link:

Thanks to @KodularCreator, @Jerin_Jacob, Colintree, @Taifun for their extensions.


Good job! Cool UI! Keep up the good work!


The UI looks very similar to


Yes I thought that but I think this is another.

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thank you for using one or more of my extensions… which one did you use?
see also my license:

This work by Pura Vida Apps is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License with attribution (name=Pura Vida Apps and link to the source site) required.

Thank you

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I used Taifun sharing extension, And i am giving attribution in play store description as you described.

Used that as a snippet

Contains ads. No thanks.


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Yes, I have good internet connection.

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It’s not against Google’s TOS to review your own apps on Google Play.

However, they do state here:

  • Don’t post reviews to mislead other users or manipulate the rating.
  • Don’t misrepresent your identity or your connection to the content you’re reviewing.

In my view @MOHAMMED_SALMAN is possibly misrepresenting his identity and connection to the content by not stating he is the creator. He is also manipulating the rating as when he posted the review there were none (or very few) there.

In my view all this seems a little unethical and as such apps by this developer should probably be avoided.


Not nice app


Actually, it kinda is misleading.

No, it doesn’t generate QR codes, as shown here:

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