QR Code component, image is not showing

i have similar problem. image not showing. any help? thanks


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can you provide an example url?
does this happen in the companion app or after bulding the app?

set image to Global Picture

and what is Vqr_Text( label or Vertical Arrangement)

Actually, i only created that globalvariable just to test whats goin on, but its just the same. so in original code there is no global picture variable. anymore idea?

the url is http://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?data=leon&color=f34336&bgcolor=ffffff&margin=0&format=png&size=200x200

i tried with the canvas, same. i also tried to delete the component and load other or new image component but its same. but whenever i assigned a background pinctue or image not comin from url it works.
i hope you understand what i meant.


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the url looks fine
are you sure you get success back after scanning?
also is the image set to visible = true?
you might want to display an error message in the else part of the if statement to avoid an endless loop in case of an error



the replied i made to aryangupta was intended for taifun, thats why i copy paste it. just an error-. sorry anyway to the admin.

yes, its always success. i tested it many times with notifier. the image component is visible, actually i tested it by loading an image from the asset and setting it as a background. and it works. same also with the canvass components. and i tried the url on web componets and it worked

and one more, the qrcode image shows also in notifier image. so the url and got response components has no problem. but image from url to canvass and image compnets have a problem

probably this can help


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ok. thank you very much