Qr decode extension offline problem

try using /qr.png

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@vknow360 i tried , and it worked …

but it worked because the qr.png in main storage not in sd card >>

i only want to decode images from sd card not from main storage

Try typing that

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Can you tell me path of file?

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Now I have two questions:
1.Have you more than one sdcard in your phone?
2.What is file’s path in File Explorer?

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@Boban not working because it delete from image path not from extension path

@vknow360 1- no , only one
2- /storage/emulated/D08E-901D/1.jpg

Try this one…


Add a label and show us what you get


i tried it before :slight_smile:

@Boban see this

PM me your aia file…

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It’s confusing as you have mentioned multiple paths

@vknow360 ok i will do it now .

@Boban i just need to decode qr image from sd card , but the extension auto generate this path " /storage/emulated/0 " and added it to any other path . and this is the problem .

The only thing I can think of is that you have space in the segment block

@vknow360 see your inbox plz …

Looking at this, it seem to have space in it

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@Boban no it have not any spaces >>

i will send to you the aia also , can i do that ?

Your aia doesn’t tell me much however, may I ask do you have folders named

  • storage
  • emulated
  • 0

if so the code above wont work

That’s why a suggested this so we can see your path

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