Question about admob approval

I want to ask question if I uploaded my app on play store and if A downloaded app from play store and sends that app to B with share it .
Does B gets notification about admob approval ?

If anyone installs your app from Playstore, he will not get approval notification.
Otherwise, if you share direct APK with anyone, then approval notification will show.

Then what is the solution ? Can I request for admob approval first and when accepted uploading on play store will solve it ?

Best solution is to not share APK but provide them with your app’s Playstore link.

You can try this just use this block IS INSTALLED FROM PLAY STORE then app open
otherwise just show notifer. This App is not Installed from Google Play store. To run this application please install from google play store.

Request approval from Kodualar… This will solve the problem for APK outside Google Play.