Question about database

Hi, is it possible to create a database which can send a message to the app on specified time?
like i want to have a database which will send a message to the app for every 5 minutes. (maybe a timer on database?)… this is also useful for games.

You can use onesignal push notification for that

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You can create a database bucket in a firebase real-time database, and have a single tag in it.

Create a firebase function which is triggered when the tag’s value is updated. The function, once triggered, should wait X seconds (use JS setTimeout for this) and update the tag’s value again.

In Kodular, add a new Firebase database component and set its bucket to the one you created. Use the database changed event to capture changes in your tag.

To start the timer, manually update the tag’s value from your firebase console.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the reply… so here is the thing… can i make it automated so it changes the value automatically on a specified time?

You can set the tag’s value to the message you wish to send

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Like the events in Pubg for example, the indian bonus challenge . it updates automatically on time. i want to do the same so my database updates on time for every user. Opening and closing a event timely and automatically(in loop). im sorry if you couldn’t understand.