Question about Tag List

I have to get data from two taglists and manipulate it. Once the manipulation is done, i have to show the result. The screen shots are hereunder. My problem is with Empty taglist. I am unable to proceed with these things of taglists are empty. How to identify that the taglists are empty.


Help Needed

You can put all your blocks inside one big IF condition

If taglist.length > 0
//Do your stuff here

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@Vishwas Sir
I tried this way but it is not working.

Even i tried this way. It is not working.

Output the full list somewhere and see if it is ever empty at all.

Yes sir, I have checked. First of all Im using FB_Roti Tag list. There I get some mobile numbers saved in Firebase. Once it gets the values and saved to a list called TAG_LIST_OF_MOBILE_NUMBERS. Not the Second Taglist is called by using the Get tag List of “Seearch Hiistory”.

Now if it is empty i need to execute a procedure or else i need to do some list manipulation ( removing the common mobile numbers in both the “TAG_LIST_OF_MOBILE_NUMBERS” and “Seearch_Hiistory” and save the result to TAG_LIST_OF_MOBILE_NUMBERS.
I am unable to perform any procedure if the "Seearch History: tag list is empty.

These are the complete blocks im using for geting the 2 tag lists.

Try initialising the variable with a blank list item so that the list is never empty.
And instead of search history = value, try appending the value list to the search history list.

Any blocks may be helpful.

Right now I am using like this