Question about the consent Message for users from europe for second app screen

i wanted to update my app and add a second screen with a second admob banner there. The consent message appears on my app when the user opens the app for the first time. This all works. If I add a banner in the second screen and the user switches to the second screen, the first time he switches to screen2, will the consent message appear again for this second screen? I want to avoid this and the selected consent for screen1 should also be valid for the second screen. Hope you can answer this Question.
Thank you very much and many Greetings.

Why? you can do this with arrangements, I think. I do not use Ads in my apps, so I do not know the exact thing, but it should be possible.

Also, why is this in the #kreatorcamp secton? should be in #discuss or smth like that.


Already the answer for your question

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Yes, i could do it with Arrangements. I already have done this with other things, but now its easier with a second screen, because i dont want to set several other arrangements again to false and true…but nevertheless thank you for your answer.

Ok, when it is valid thats good. :slight_smile: I hope it is save, because i only can test it when the update is on google play, because only there, the consent works if i download the app… The consent development mode still does not work for me, neither in the companion nor in the apk.
Many thanks for you answers or my answer… :smiley: .

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