Question how send data to google sheet

hello I want to ask about sending data to google sheet. I have made bloks to send data to Google Sheet, but from that data there are some data that cannot be input, so that all data cannot be input. so what’s the problem with this?

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Use URI Encode and Decode blocks from Web component…

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Yes i alredy used like this picture… do you have a response with my bloks? Because the data that can be uploaded is data number 1-12 and 64-67 then other data cannot be input, so if the data cannot be upload it is filled with text and then upload can be cause all can not be upload, are you can help me solve this problem?

Please rightclick in your blockeditor and click save blocks as image. This way you can share your blocks more easily then photos.

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Hi @Made_Bagas

You can check this post.

You can do a lot more with this extension.


Yup found a blocks to send data to googlesheet.

Link is given in the below post…

I saw a solution here, you can take a look.

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