Questions about Android 11

I want to know that is Android SDK 30 that kodular is bringing soon does it only affect file component ?

I want to know I have made an app so do I need to edit/update/modify the features related to file component only ?

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Yes because of scoped storage and there will helper block which will change the work flow of builder

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because also other components (for example Canvas, Camera, Sound Recorder, etc) can read or write something from/to the storage…
just make sure to only read/write from/to ASD and you are on the safe side…



In addition, it must be noted that WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission no longer exists under Android 11 and under Android 10 only if requestLegacyExternalStorage
is declared in the Manifest.

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Means whatever component saves files in device that means we need to edit features which requires writing in storage

Reading from any folder is allowed ?

Basically yes, but

  1. Only files within your own ASD can be read.
  2. All folders in the external storage (outside the ASD and the shared folders) can only be read with READ permission, but only insofar as it concerns media files.
  3. Media files that are in the shared folder but were created by other apps also require READ permission so that they can be read / accessed.
  4. Non-media files (like .txt, .pdf, ...) that are in shared folders but were created by other apps can only be accessed using the Storage Access Framework (SAF).

See also here:

Yeah, I know this scoped storage stuff is really confusing.
And AI2 also has to struggle with it, since their targetSdk = 30 update is still far from being fine (bug-free).