Questions about project bucket - FirebaseDB

although i read about it but i still do not know anything about the project bucket

is it a file of the project in the firebase?

is yes, can i have more than one project bucket for one app ?

my idea is, i have two buttons ( america and frence)
i want to program screen2 to do the same thing for each country.
for example i want the value of the tag number X for america to be different than the value of the same tag number for france

do you a way to do this ?

Thanks in advance


Yes, you can do it with set project bucket block.

Project bucket is such a kind of folder in which your tags and value will be stored.

You can create sub bucket inside the project bucket like subfolder.

To make sub bucket use slash.
Example main_project_bucket/sub_project_bucket

If you directly want to do this on firebase you can create main project bucket by keeping empty the value field only fill name field which will be your project bucket.
Is side that click + and enter only name keep value field empty. It will create sub bucket.
If you fill the both name and value field it will be turned into name → tag and value → data.

Tags is sub folder of project bucket.

Make a different buckets for each country it will solve your problem.
You can store as many project bucket inside project.

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thank you for your great solution

i got it

Thanks again

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