Questions about using right click in Kodular Creator

When you use Kodular Creator, can you use Google Chrome right mouse button to translate?:thinking:

I think yes

Your language isn’t available in selector?

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When some blocks of English don’t understand, I will use the right button to translate, but Kodular Eagle 1.4.0 can’t use the right button to translate.

Have my language, but some blocks are still in English.

You can help to translate Kodular on :kodular: Kodular Translation Center

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But there are still a lot of inconveniences.
For example, if I want to copy the name, I can’t copy it directly with the mouse.:roll_eyes:

So everyone has no such troubles?:thinking:

If I am not wrong then right click is disabled in Eagle Update.
You can only use right to cut/copy/paste and some more features.

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Actually I am also feeling it very strange.
As everyone knows I use emulator to use companion so before eagle update I have to just copy and paste but now I have to manually enter it.
Anyway good features in eagle update.
We can ignore this in front of so much features.

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We’ll take a look.
Thanks for pointing it out!


@monkey I hope you’re able to select text now?

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Yes, thank you.:smile:

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