Questions in the new application

I want to make an application called I have a project. The function of this application is that one person will enter the project and other people will join the project and contact the owner if they wish.
Now my question is: when I create a project in my mind, it will create a new button and it will go to the website. it will determine the web page constituting the project. how do I store that button online and make it visible to others?

my second question is: how will he log on to that web page when he logs on to the application?

I do not have mysql access to the web page.

Note: I bought the copyright of this application.

Can you show an example?
It is difficult to understand what you are trying to say.
An example will help.

look like github but this is not program develop helper. only projects

You mean a user will create project and other can join it.

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yes. new project creation application. When you create a project, you enter details and text, and those who want to help you contact you.

If you know Hindi then @The_Developer_2.0 has a tutorial on YouTube.
And if you do not then go to description and you will find AIA on his website.

i will try it

how can i create my app with airtable?