Quiz App With Airtable Database (Paid)

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Odia Quiz App

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Quiz App With Airtable Database Test My App & Find Any Bug To reply this topic


Now Available On PlayStore:

Price ₹ 1000
Dollar $ 13


Good work,:ok_hand::ok_hand: also UI seems to be good. Congrats for your effort.

As a user i am expecting few more screenshots from you, it will attracts the user to try atleast your app once a while.


Ok thanx for your complement but my assets data not secured at this time secure to upload apk

Good. Meanwhile you can use your app, take multiple screenshots and upload here. E.g How it responds for correct answer, wrong answers , after the test before the test.

give us a test app of this travia Quiz app

What did you use for making the round shape chart of score card?

Use this extension