Quran Extension for Kodular

Quran extension for Kodular that provides access to various functionalities related to the Quran, including fetching text and audio editions, Juz, Surah, Ayah, search functionality, Manzil, Ruku, Page, Hizb Quarter, Sajda verses, and meta data about Surahs, Pages, Hizbs, and Juzs.

List of Blocks:

  • Edition: Available text and audio editions
  • Quran: Retrieve a complete Quran edition
  • Juz: Retrieve a Juz of the Quran
  • Surah: Retrieve a Surah of the Quran
  • Ayah: Retrieve an Ayah of the Quran
  • Search: Search the text of the Quran
  • Manzil: Retrieve a Manzil of the Quran
  • Ruku: Retrieve a Ruku of the Quran
  • Page: Retrieve a Page of the Quran
  • Hizb Quarter: Retrieve a Hizb Quarter of the Quran
  • Sajda: Retrieve all verses requiring Sajda / Prostration in the Quran
  • Meta: Retrieve meta data about Surahs, Pages, Hizbs, and Juzs


  • Fetch text and audio editions of the Quran.
  • Retrieve specific portions such as Juz, Surah, Ayah, Manzil, Ruku, Page, and Hizb Quarter.
  • Search for specific text within the Quran.
  • Access verses requiring Sajda / Prostration.
  • Obtain meta data about Surahs, Pages, Hizbs, and Juzs.

Download Link:
com.rasitech.quran.aix (30.7 KB)

Source API: API Source

Block Image:

Note: The extension requires an active internet connection to fetch data from the provided API source.


Thanks for your contribution. Also follow the naming conventions! Thanks in advance for adjusting the extension.

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Thank you for the correction, I will fix it

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Can u give me some demo , to make it clearly how to use the blocks

u can use JSONToolsV4

Please Share a demo aia or Blocks image how to use them


will it work offline ?

In the first post