Random behavior of my app

Describe your issue

while exporting my project to APK and installing it on my Galaxy S10+, I notice behavior differences with my app.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Just launch my app and the behaviour changes !

Expected Behaviour

My app is coded to produce the following bahaviour :
I have a Google Maps component and at center of it a floating action button (FAB). While clicking on it, a marker is created at the center of the map and the central FAB disappears. Then I can move the map to remove the marker and get back the central FAB.
I can also change the map component from Maps to OpenStreetMap (OSM) and if a marker exists on the current map it is also created on the other map when clicking on the button to change the map component. On this ASM map I can also move the map to delete the marker.

Actual Behaviour

Sometime when launching my app, I am able to create the marker on Maps, move to delete it and switch to OSM map and see the created marker. But unfortunatelly while moving the OSM map the marker is not deleted.

Sometimes when I launch the app, I am able to create a marker on Maps and move to delete it. I am also able to switching to OSM map but this time the marker is not created ! When I create the marker on OSM map while clicking the central FAB, the marker appears and disapppears correctly while moving the map :confused:

Show your Blocks

Android version

Android 10 (One UI 2.1)

Thanks :slight_smile: