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Hello Guys,


How can I just call 5 random rows datas on listview?
When I click refresh button, I want to change the list.

Maybe it is the solution for you

Thank you for the answer but when I look this aia I just can see how to shuffle the list. How can I get only 5 rows from for example 1000 row?

You need to shuffle list first and add item to ramdom list, then pick 5 item from random list

Can you show me blocks example? I really couldn’t do it. :frowning:

Thank you so much! I will try it now. :slight_smile:

I tried but it doesnt show any list on the app.

Have you do it global konu?

I just changed the name of tittle to konu in my language.

Yes… i know…
We need to know value of your variable.

Connect to companion
Right click mouse on global konu and select do it

Or show value to label

on companion “do it” is not working. :confused:
This is my spreadsheet values;

Can you share aia?

I cant get data. Length of list konu = 0.
Is Table name “bi YORUM” ?
And ip and id is right?

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yes table name, ip and id is right.

okay, I solve it. Thank you for your kind helps. :slight_smile:

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