Rattle for children

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This application is used to occupy a baby or young child.

She can play 3 nursery rhymes, animal cries.

They make 4 squares change colors and can rotate them.

On peut changer la vitesse de changement de couleurs et le volumes son.

It is easy to add nursery rhymes or animal noises or other noises.


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ENFANTS.aia (4.9 MB)


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@Sunil_Pawar it’s for you please check out this

Yes, please…

Your idea is good, but you need to work better on your UI :+1:

Another idea, you could put the images (animals) to appear randomly and play the sound (mooing, barking etc) and the child would have to change the right image of the animal that makes the sound played.

thank you for yor feed back.
I will try to improve the interface.
As for making the animals appear randomly for the child to find, it will be another project, more educational, for slightly older children (the one for whom this application is intended for 9 months, it is to distract him with his parents).

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Yes, I know that​:+1:

Yes, I know that​:+1:

My wife works in this area…( Children Education )

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