Read Receipts in chatview

Hi, Koders

This is my first topic :slight_smile: since now i apologize for my english :frowning:

Im developing a non lucrative app aiming to help beings and im creating this topic with hope that you guys and girls help me to find a way to increment sent/received/read indicadors in the bubbles of the chatview component, like whatsapp.

Since now i appreciate the effort of anyone that can help in any way, lots of merit will arise.

Post a image of what are you saying that you want to implememt in your app

I think @appdoeacao is asking about the implementation of tick marks we see when we send message on whatsapp

One tick for message sent
Two ticks for message received & if that message is seen by the user then we get double blue ticks

Am I right @appdoeacao?

I think so it is no possible with chatview component. You must create a custom view for that.

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yes, thats right


Can you teach me or give a example of how do that?

How to create custom view. Please! give some example.

I have never tried it. But it will be very complex design and block. Currently I am busy in Hackathon, so I can’t try it.

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