Reading data from Firebase database

I have created an app, which sends the data on and off using the switch button to the database. This works totally fine, but while reading this data from the database to NodeMCU it does not read. The data stored from the app stores in the format "data" can it be stored in a format like just data without the quotes ?


Thank you.

PS : Tried both the Text block as well as the number block from the Math tab.

Check if NodeMCU can read just a number as value. For example: Mains: 1 and Mains: 0. 0 for off and 1 for on.

Actually, the thing with this is

  1. The number block from Math tab sends the data but it also seems to be within the " " mark. (See the other tags for the difference)


  1. The Text box is a level higher with extra / and " " in between,

Screenshot (33)

So, my question here is can I use the text (over number as its convenient) else number (if no other go), to store without the quotation marks just like the other tags (ex. fireAmp)

It’s probably a default behaviour of the firebase database component. All data is sent to the server as string :confused: (number are strings and string get additional formatting). I don’t know if there’s workaround by the site of kodular, but maybe you can transform the string by the site of your device.

You can always implement firebase using javascript in webviewer. You will not be limited by blocks.

Can you maybe help me out with the blocks on how to implement javascript in web viewer?

Before try to print the result of firebase value in NodeMCU. I don’t know if it’s even possible cause I know nothing about that enviroment.