Ready to serve ads, but ads not display

Have you updated app-ads.txt file in your root of website that you are using in your app

No… My app not published in play store

Have you changed your ad units after approval

And my another one app is pending publication in play store form 3 dyas… How much time take to publish

yes changed… after changing adunits, ads displyed for one day

Try changing ad units to old ad units

Changed toold adunits… But ads not showing :neutral_face:

my applovin ads not show

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some time play store takes more than 72 hours… So wait

Show your blocks…

ok I will wait… IN my another app not showing ads. admob ads approved by kodular also… why?

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Hi, @Chandu_4ever set When Banner Ad Loaded… Banner visible to True

And, Then use When Ad Failed to Load block to identify the issue.

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Usually it takes a few days, but can occasionally take more…

actually bro i have never ask for approval for app via kodular so that’s why i can’t help you but maybe you disabled the ads.

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There is no content instead of just one webview and some blocks.
Try to make it more functional bro.

Error: Ad request successful, but no ad returned due to lack of ad inventory

It means, Admob does not have any Ad to show on your app.


  1. Change app design and make it professional.
  2. Add helpful contents to your app.
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Sometimes it depends on ad requests.
What you have to do is to tell Google/Admob that your app has users who see ads which are shown.

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Oh ok bro… Thanku

You are using Web Viewer in the screen. Maybe that’s causing the error because showing ads in browser app is against Admob Policies

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