Ready to serve ads, but ads not display

There is no content instead of just one webview and some blocks.
Try to make it more functional bro.

Error: Ad request successful, but no ad returned due to lack of ad inventory

It means, Admob does not have any Ad to show on your app.


  1. Change app design and make it professional.
  2. Add helpful contents to your app.

Sometimes it depends on ad requests.
What you have to do is to tell Google/Admob that your app has users who see ads which are shown.


Oh ok bro… Thanku

You are using Web Viewer in the screen. Maybe that’s causing the error because showing ads in browser app is against Admob Policies


my app is ready to showing ads, and already my ads approved but not showing ads. why? and i wait after 2 days but not showing ads , my phone and any other phone .

You can’t monetize a web browser.

Can you send screenshot of your block?

this is above message… Send your blocks screenshot

Did you try test ad codes with timer ?
if not then just see my latest reply in this topic.

Hey new DEV’S…
Just use Clock with minimum time of 15000 ( which is 15 Sec ).
And in your Blocks Set clock fires to true when screen initialize and add another adwords block in it as adwordsad.loadad.
it should work .
thumbs up if it helps.

An ad in every 15 sec? Are you sure you would like to download such an app?

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it doesn’t call ad to every 15 sec but call an ad after firing screen 1 or the screen on which you want to show ads on.

i am havingthe same problem

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Am also having the same problem. Monetization approved but ads failed to show in my app since about two weeks ago. Please help me.

Firstly, can you share a bit of info about the app?

Information The ads in your ad units are not showing because you did not provide billing information. SOLVING THE PROBLEM
This warning is only shown if you have a published app with AdMob ad unit code attached.
Your fix here bruh when you did it wait for two days and problem was fixed

i am also approved for adds but it show in a probality of 20 out of 100 sometimes it shows smetimes not