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What is the name of your app?

Real Estate Hub

Describe your app:

This is very cool app with fresh UI. The users can upload different properties with their details and images for selling or renting and then people can view and comment on the properties.
They can contact the seller also.
It has following key features:-

  • Search Feature
  • Dynamic Premium Property
  • Latest properties page
    With much more common and new features coming.
  • Users can post as well as edit their comments.
  • UI Features - Text Over Image and Dims the brightness of the background Image ( Login Screen and Premium Property on home page)


App Store/Download link:

For those who love direct download links.

RealEstateHub.apk (6.1 MB)

AIA file - Download this app to get AIA

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(DjJohn) #2

Awesome UI
You’ve created an awesome application…
Please don’t share your email publicly… It’s against community rule…
User can PM you…
Once again awesome app bro
Keep up the good work

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(Aditya Rana) #3

Thanks @DjJohn07,
And ya I have edited my post as you said.

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(Nikhil27B YT) #4

It’s looks cool can you add phone number option in contact info

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(Dupe Tech) #5

very nice layout and design keep it up !

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(Riya) #6

please give me the aia

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(Dupe Tech) #7

yes @adityarajputrana2016 i want aia too, anyway i have PMed you !

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(Aditya Rana) #8

Yes Nikhil, We can add Phone Number too

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(Aditya Rana) #9

Thanks for your appreciation.

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(FábioESantos) #10

Excellent work … congratulations!

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(Hadi Raza Bangash) #12

Really amazing UI. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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(Aditya Rana) #13

Thanks bro

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(Barraca FĂştbol) #14

Con que almacenamiento trabaja? Firebase y Cloudinary?

(Aditya Rana) #15

I used my hosting server.

(Aditya Rana) #16

I used my hosting server.

(Barraca FĂştbol) #17

Un gran trabajo!! Felicitaciones!! Saludos desde Argentina

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(Aditya Rana) #18

Thanks @agustinmarcantonio16 for buying AIA, love from India!!!

(avmcreators02) #19

What is the cost not aia

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(S.H) #20

$5 I think

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