Real Time Collaboration


Can we see a feature to collaborate with other Makeroid users to work on a project together?


The MIT App Inventor team are already working on this. They even have a prototype:

Also, there is already a Shared Backpack feature which allows you to share backpacks with other users but this currently doesn’t work in App Engine:


So will this only stay as a prototype or will we see this in action?

So, how are they testing the Shared Backpack feature here?

Isn’t that App Engine?

Here’s what the commit message says:
Note: SSO Login is not currently implemented in the App Engine version of MIT App Inventor. This commit updates the Backpack code to be in alignment with the code we use in our Hong Kong deployment which is not run in App Engine. We plan to implement SSO login in the App Engine version in the near future.

Makeroid has this code implemented but, as you can see, it doesn’t do anything. I would assume they have an updated version that works on App Engine?

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