RecyclerView Extension - Create Recycler View With Any Design (Grid Supported) [PAID]

Amazing Extension :heart: :+1:

What is the point of “sponsoring” an extension?


Good extension, keep it up.

Image Loader Extension

Thanks a lot @D_Apps and @Powertech_Development :innocent:

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This is the answer :+1:t2:


How can we set property of components which is not available in any component like Alignment, Text Bold, Text Alignment etc.

In dynamic Components extension we can set through Set property block but in this extension how can we?

If I am not wrong this extension is for creating Recycler view and the same is not for setting any component’s designer properties like :point_down:

Well,I think I should add the the block for it :+1:

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Well,it depends on components inside kodular so everything can be created and set property like it is in kodular :+1:
I will add the set property block​:+1::+1:

When will be next Update of this extension is coming ?


Some Internal Changes And Added New Block To Set Component Property.

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@Atom_Developer can we use string in id. I mean like we can use in dynamic components by yusuf chihan.


Added some new blocks to get first and last visible item and some internal changes

Yeah,you can.

And also can we create any component available in kodular and also imported extensions??

Yes,you can do it…it is also possible

hola amigo quiero comprar esta extencion pero no se como me funcionara con Airtable??

English is the official language in the community, please translate your post :blush:

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You can use it however you want, It’s possible to load data by airtable and show here one by one
It depends on how you set the blocks.
I am messaging you for more information