RecylerView Extension-related Problem

I am using RecylerView Extension. My problem is that my favorite icon, title, and subtitle are not showing up. How can I fix it? I provide the AIA below. Please check and give me a solution (fix AIA, please).



Test.aia (215.5 KB)

recheck your components properties… actually it is working but image component completely dominatd the whole place… check one by one

I am unable to find anything. Please help me fix it. @Still-learning

Size of the image fits fully in the card so that the lables are not visible

I now understand what you are talking about.

First, I used the image component and tried to display the title and subtitle at the top of the image component. But I am unavailable to do that. So, I tried the vertical arrangement component. It works fine. It’s showing the title and subtitle on the top of the vertical arrangement component. I set the image as a background. But when I tried the RecylerView Extension, it was not working.

Is there anyway to solve this problem? @Still-learning

Sorry, i have no idea to set background image in recycler view.

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