Redeem system maker

See the logic behind code I can tell you because it is private
Now I have a problem I want the code can be used only once so I make
Problem is I have a column of codes when the code is used it is updated as 1Used1 last number denotes row number when in the other app I create code it is added to the column but I want it to be added in row which is already used If I am unable to explain tell me what more should I tell

Maybe u can make use of airtable or firebase
but im not familiar with that

i am using it

help me guys

Maybe clearify your problem more. I for one have absolutely no idea what you mean.


OK i try actually i know its difficult because i did not tell clearly because i am making redeem part of my app so how the code is decoded i can not tell

  1. i want my admin app to detect code like this 1Used1 or 1Used2 where 1 denote row number in airtable and with admin app want to update those rows with some text but These 1Used1 can be randomly distributed in column of airtable

Please help

Which database you are using…
as I am not familiar with Airtable. But if you are using firebase… I can try…

airtable @Alapjeet

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Oops… I am not familiar with Airtable…
One of my friend can help you… If it’s online I will tell him.

thanks` @Alapjeet

Help me guys

Could please stop asking for help. if there are users willing to help they will respond. You just have to be patient. And sometimes you won’t get an answer.

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sorry but the post get down and people who are new cannot see so for that a write a message

That is not allowed on the community to get your post to the top again this way. What if everyone starts doing that.


can you help me i made my question more simpler

I don’t use airtable or firebase. You just have to be patient.