RedeeMe App: ReBrand (For Sale)

What is the name of your app?

Yolo Wallet

Describe your app:

It’s a loyalty program made for businesses and online sellers, where they can beat gift certificates, coupons, freebies, loyalty cards. It is made to use all that kind of stuff into powerful universal wallets and maybe i need a content writer soon, cause i can explain it easily in foreign language , too many to say:expressionless:


Home Page where some features button is

The advertising player

Mini game (Beta)

Redeem some points

Creating a wallet inside

it has also a messaging feature inside with specific notification for right receivers

The marketplace

every wallet/every store

Payment method

Contact option

uploading your products

Friends referrals

New feature… Live Game Show

App Store/Download link:


It’s been a months, many sleepless nights, lots of money as investments, monthly bills to pay. Sorry guys, cant make it open source. If it is for sell? I guess dont know the price yet. After taking some efforts for patency, authorization, legal ducomentation, paid extensions to do this as business, sad to say, maybe it normal to experience rejection and struggles, and i’ts too sad… if some people don’t have any idea yet why we are making app, not just for money for us…but too give priceless services


I have a bunch of extension and i will keep my self motivated to list all of them here by editing my post. i need a list of them, a lot of genius extension developers, paid and free.
Kim thank you for guides and easy procedures. Much love young brother.

To all extension developer and @KodularCreator. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful experience in my life :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


This is it. The reason why i share my work in the community, even i don;t what might gonna happen, but all of them is all started for what i see, what i read, when i see a project koded, a great motivation in part to give going. Guys help me this the app, share any feedback, explore any bugs, security procedure, mechanics, added features, RAM managements, advisable componets or extension, i love to hear from you guys, God bless us all, Much love. Respect


Quite Impressive.

But UI need to to be improved. ( especially the dailouge box)

Lags in Nought devices. ( Tried with my 2 devices)

Confused about the live program. Can you explain more avout it?

Hi, Thanks, i dont have more devices so i cant even test it. Can u share where exactly the dialog box your telling about, what feature or screen u encounter it?

Confused about the live program. Can you explain more avout it?</>

It’s a Live Quiz Game Show, where i host the game and play with my invited player and the rest as viewers

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Getting Constant Crash of Androod 7. This is happening when i swipe left or right or press 2 button at once.

Lets say i press, on a button and its loading meanwhile i press on shop it gets shutdown.

Working Fine in Android 8 though.

Yes. Im aware that app crash in some device, esp with store section, i trace error cause in my console is the OutofMemory, it should not be my images, cause image loads via url and store as cache, its the extension i use which loads the image . Its no good. So im not yet convince what better components or extension i need to use for image slider.

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Will you keep it AI or move to Android Studio?
This seems to be something Unique. I think you should advertise your app soon as bugs are completed.

Only AI bro, i can’t do AS for now… I need help for some bugs, and im granting some credits also for that.

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I will keep using the app and let you know if i get new bugs.

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Thank for the supprt bro. Much love

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it seems to be, you still forgot to credit the extension developers…
please credit each extension developer separately according to their license. thank you.



Credits to all extension developers

Thank for your work, purchased and FREE, thank you so much to make some project possible because of you.

My Project :RedeeMe has a bunch of extensions, like i promised to credits all of you, having too busy in life, it just remind me since Taifun notice this. I just can specified by your tag ID, but i tried to list it here.

@Taifun Extensions

  • SMTP Mail Extension
  • Clipboard Extension
  • Wifi Extension
  • Tools Extension
  • Image Metadata Extension

Appybuilder Extension

  • Date Utilsl Extension
  • List Utils Extension

@Mika Extension

  • QR Code Extension
@Vishwas Extension
  • Dialog Extension


  • IAP Extension
@Andres Daniel Extension
  • Gridcard Extension

@Jerin Jacob Extension

  • Awesome Dialog Extension
  • One Signal Extension
  • Particle Extension
  • Flipshare Extension
  • Airtable Extension
Collintree Extension
  • First Run Extension
  • Custome listview Extension
  • Firebase Storage Extension
  • Firebase Auth Extension

Carlos Pedroza Extension

  • Tickview Extension
Kuzsab Extension
  • Recycler Viewl Extension
Zhangszqs Extension
  • AA Toast Extension
  • Dialog Anthing Extension

Ken Extension

  • Label Extension
  • Word Art Extension
Deephost Extension
  • Package lnstaller Extension
  • Listview Custom Extension
  • Exo PlayerExtension
  • Gridview Extension
  • Animation Extension
Meteor Coder Extension
  • Draco Flurry Extension

And last but the most @KodularCreator… Thank you for giving this experience,

That’s it… you can found all the extension here at Taifun site App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps. Hope I don’t missed a credits up there, please install my apk, how i played with those extensions and if i miss please let me know. Again

Thank you so much

… from emotional state in my part sincerely, thank you.

thank you @consoleheretohelp for using some of my extensions, keep up the good work!



  • Full eCommerce supported. SMTP for order and SMS call action for confirmation
  • New UI/UX
  • Performance Improverment.
  • Newsfeed


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Hey i want ask something that where do u store the data in firebase or ?

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Majority MySQL but i still use firebase


invite friend earn point system working coding show

Huh? What do u mean?

Point Add System in invite friend

I think so @nimra_butt wants to know how you use the refer system in you app.