Refer code in text box won't work

Can any one tell me whats the problem???


I unlist this. Use a good title for your topic, not this.

Well, if “tag” is not the same as {Tiny_DB1 @ tag=ID} + “/ReferCode”, obviously Button3.Text will not get updated.

Sorry im new at this but i dont understand what you are talking about…

Please explain further

Thank you

UserDetailDB is assumed to have returned a value and a tag, based on the tag that was specified.

Suppose that the tag was NOT whatever you got in Tiny_DB1 under the ID tag followed by /ReferCode , what would happen?

What I mean is what do you get when you call “TinyDB1.Get Value” when tag = ID ?
What was the value of the tag used when calling UsersDetailDB ?

If that tag is not what you expect, then the “=” test will fail, and if that test fails, Button3.Text will not be updated.

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solution is:

is you firebase url is: httlps://
you project bucket set, get value tiny db:ID
and then call firebase get value tag: ReferCode.
and after got value,
if get tag=ReferCode
then set label text to get value