Refresh screen with certain layout visibe and other hidden

I am making a app in which there are 4 vertical layouts on first screen and I am making them visible and invisible as per the requirement of app and I am using tiny db and dynamic layouts. I am able to refresh the screen as per blocks given in the community that we need to close screen and then open same screen. While doing this every time I am reaching to home screen with default layouts visible which I dont want. I want to open the same screen with certain layout as open. plz help. Thanks in anticipation.

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@narender_kumar why are you closing the screen if you want to come back to that screen back the close screen block closes the screen and all the activity done is reset

Also show your bocks where you need help

If you can just tell me how to reset the screen with condition that certain layouts are visible and other not

@narender_kumar what do you think that i am a magician that will know each and every thing without seeing that :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: and also a doctor needs to see a patient in order to give some method of cure . so you need to share blocks image as if you want a solution rest all depends upon you thanks

According to the info you have given i see that you close screen 1 and when screen 2 initializes u again open screen 1 if i am correct then my answer will work -
In Screen2 initialize use this block -

then in screen 1 initialize use this -

Thank buddy got it

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