Refresh the airtable database

can you more specific your query???

suppose if 100 rows are there, you want to get any one data randomly or want shuffled the order??

you goted my point

so plz give me solution

@Pune_Foods_Recipies ???


This is how i will get all row data from airtable into list view Image&Text…


This is how i will get only one data (randomly)

want to the shuffle the total order

this will give totally shuffled list order…

You can get the ListUtil extension from HERE

this set under swipe refresh layout ?

Why don’t you try further. I hope it is too siMple then,

Instead if button click just use on refresh

Don’t you want to search the community?:thinking:
There is this ready block.🤷
or… wait for someone to do it for you…🤦

2020 May 15 seconds searchinng

There are many examples here in comunnity

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this is my database .

please set block according to this database plz…

Impossible, as your title column is empty you cannot retrieve values from airtable. None of the cell should be empty. Give your aia here or via pm…

title is not empty , sutitle is empty. i able to get data from airtable. you want subtile column should be not empty. then check now.

I appreciate your help
fanstatic support. i never seen this types of support in my life.

plz give me final block according to this database

hello plz help

Well, can I suggest something?
When you finish your app, you could share your AIA here in the community.
OK ?

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Final block ???:cry::cry::cry:

Everything is in your hand.

  1. Replace var1 of my block with thumbnail
  2. Replace var2 of my block with title
  3. Replace var3 of my block with subtitle.

Thats all.

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