Regarding ad manager commission, banner size, reset consent dialog

somehow i don’t really understand the progressive commission rate for the ad manager components. At the moment i still use Admob but would switch to ad manager when the banner size problem is fixed. How high would the commission be then for the ad manager? My apps are currently online with admob.

The second question is: When can we approximately expect an update for the banner size problem? In my opinion an adaptive banner would be good that adapts optimal to the screen size, or that we can at least choose between a 50 or 100 px height format for smartphones and tablets.

And one last question: When a user from the eu is shown the consent dialog via fundingchoices for the ad manager and the user has selected. How can the user reverse his decision? For admob i have integrated a button for this. If this is pressed, the consent message appears again at the next start. I just read that for the ad manager sdk there is also a method for this
at “reset consent state”. For me the solution is for now that i show users from the eu area simply only non-personalized ads. I have seen that this can be set in the ad manager account.

Hopefully you can help.
Thank you very much

i wanted to get back to you regarding the consent message.
Maybe i have found a solution.

You would only need a button and then load the code in the webviewer to see the ad manager consent again, if i have understood it correctly.
I wanted to try it out later and thought it might be helpful.
Many greetings

I have been wondering about the consent issue for a while. Thanks for your post and the link in it.

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I have tried it, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. I think it would be easier with an integrated solution.