Regarding data safety

can we use kodular to make, lets say a social networking app? Is the data shared on kodular app safe?

This is asked before. Please search the forum.

It is as safe as you make it.

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If we make apps for clients using kodular, can we assure them that their data is secure? That is my question…

Also can you shae the link? I’m not able to find it

Like i said. You have to make it secure yourself. I think you are just a beginning Kodular user. I think you should start learning the basics before trying to make something as complex as a social networking app.


how do we make it secure

In addition to what @Peter said, I’ll explain you with an example.
There are different approaches for securing data.
Lets talk about a string (text) there are two blocks:


Now If we use simple text block and store confidential information, there’s a possibility that one can decompile and see your data. But for these type of informations, we can use Obfuscated Text block that can’t be seen even after decompilation of app as the text is obfuscated.
Likewise, there are more components available in :kodular: Kodular for securing data like:

In which, there are bunch of methods for encrypting and decrypting data.

So, I hope you understand now. It is up to you how and to which level you wanna secure your data.
Happy Koding :+1:


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