Regarding Google Cloud Platform

Hi Friends,
I am working on an application which have got couple of fusion tables, and firebase.

Few days back i received an email from google stating free trial of GCP is expired and GCP resources will be removed.
I couldnt understand what does it mean as i am not aware of it.

Can somebody please let me know what does it mean?
Also, Will it cause loss of all my data stored in fusion and firebase?

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Did you ask Google? They send you the mail.

not yet…
Thought of checking with forum/community first.

OK don’t panic. This just means that premium resources will be removed. You’ll still have Firebase Databse available to you storing only 1 GB.

Thanks Nathan.


I think The Google Cloud Platform Has a 30 Day free Trail Which Means Products That Are Made With Google Cloud Platform Like Android Studio And Android Jetpack Wont Be Available To You, Unless You Pay.

Android Studio is free to download, it doesn’t come with GCP.

I believe they use to not sure …

Used too… Not anymore.