Regarding in-app update!

Seems there is no event to track if user cancel update popup.

Haven’t tested it, but did the when Update Canceled work?


If not you can change the category to #feedback


Unfortunately no! I guess it only works when user starts installation and then cancel.

i guess the in app update secretly updates app else in playstore there is an option

Didn’t understand!

Yes, but I’m talking about app update notification! Users are sometimes too lazy to check for update manually! :wink:

even i made an topic.

u mean a button to playstore and update the app

without knowing the user

No, app is just showing an update notification. Users are free to take a discission whether he want to update or cancel it.

yes atleast u can create that own ur own

I recommend avoiding update notifications to show that are connected with your database, while your app is live on Google play. And, here is why:

Google play don’t rollout app update for all users at the same time. So the notification type you’re suggesting could cause problem!

pls tell clearly u are sure u need this only

Yes, I’m sure. :relaxed:

i guess it is against google policies
try using firebase + in app update + google play component = grinded (u test)


I think you misunderstand


Confirmation: Update Canceled event works here.

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@Kodular may want to look at it :slight_smile:

This is the related sources I saw:

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I wonder! The event I’m looking for is actually missing on Android devs guide too.

Is not it necessary? :face_with_monocle: Am I missing something? :thinking:


Let me elaborate my use case a bit, with hope you might have a different idea to sort the problem out!

So, if update available, clock timer enabled to false (clock for splash). And if user dismiss the update popup, clock timer should enabled again. And that’s the problem. :frowning: Any alternative fix in your mind?

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I understand your needs but the only option I can think of is making an extension :sweat_smile: