Remove all dynamic components

In my app I believe several dynamic components, arrangement, label, textbox with custom indexes, in a certain event I have to delete them all, but when I use the “remove all” function of the “dynamic component” component it doesn’t delete them all, if I run more than you want “remove all” continues to delete them, but as if deleting them one at a time.
Maybe I’m wrong using the function?

Show your Blocks

Most probably you are using an old version of the extension cause I believe RemoveAll block was removed due to its errors. Now you can use this block


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Ok thanks, I try to update it. I know that function, but I wanted to avoid passing it all the ids.

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Use a for-each loop for that.


I don’t show my blocks because I have updated the component and actually as @dora_paz says the “remove all” function has been suppressed, too bad.
I have to opt for a different solution.
Thank you


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