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Hello everybody,

I am curently redesigning an old app of mine and I have used App Shortcuts extension by DeepHost.
Most of members know that there are some unresolved issues with the extensions provided by the specific dev and that there is no chance of communicating to get some things fixed.

The problem using the specific extension is that if the app is in the recents then the extension crashes. More specifically the app does not open using the app shortcuts to go to another screen and clicking on the icon to go to screen1 also does not work untill pressed several times.

I have noticed that swiping away my app from the recents is removing the issue and using app shortcuts or the app icon is opening the app with the 1st click.

So after describing my issue I see only 2 ways to proceed

  • Remove App shortcuts extension entirely from my app
  • Find a way to remove my app from the recents

Since I need to navigate directly to some specific screens to facilitate data entry and data management removing the extension is not really an option unless someone has an alrernative to propose.

I have googled a bit and I saw that it is possible to use activity starter to disable app from being in recents but I am not sure that I have understood how to make this in Kodular.

Here is one of the links that I read: android - Remove app from recent apps programmatically - Stack Overflow

Any help / advise would be most appreciated.

this solution

should be doable in an extension…



Dear Taifun I was hoping to reading a reply from you.

This is good news unfortunately I am unaware of making extensions and I do not have the time to learn at this very moment…

I hope that someone can do it…

Could I have the same results by decompiling the apk and editing the manifest?

Thank you.

Of course, it has also been asked before

<activity android:autoRemoveFromRecents="true"

Thanks Boban your response was also awaited…

I searched before making a new thread but I guess that we agree the thread’s title you shared would be hard to find… lol

I will try in a few days that I will have access to my laptop and see if this is what I need.

I do hope there was an extension to do the work…

I have made an extension for you to solve your problem.


Dear @DevYB
Once again thank you for the extension. It works as promised. I tested it and it removes the app from recents.
You did well to mark your link to your extension as solution to this post or else I would have to do it.

Thank you all for replying.

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You’re welcome.:slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that.

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