'remove commission'

If we pay ‘remove commission’, will Unity Ads and Applovin not display kodular ads anymore?
In my case, I did ‘remove commission’ and backup the AdMob ads didn’t appear then the applovin and unity ads were displayed.
In my admob account, my interstitial request is 6k, only 1.1k is shown
in the ad applovin showing 1.1k
In the unity ad that appeared 1.1k
means there is a difference of 2k ads that do not appear
Please explain, thank you


You’re right. When you remove commission, Kodular ads will not be shown anymore.

No ad network guarantees you to be able to deliver 100% ads. Impression rate can vary depending your app quality, content, user’s geo-location and more …

Why are you counting Applovin & Unity impressions with your Admob account? They all are different ad network and you should go to respective control panel to check statistics. Admob is only counting the impressions it delivered but not the impressions that delivered by other ad network.

what is the best method for ad backup, when the ad failed to load or when the ad failed to show?

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i am sorry what??

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sorry i ask @dickypaten

why do you need to download it??