Remove item List

Can anyone tell how to remove repeated item in a list and get a non repeated list

You can use loops like this in this I have get all the repeated item in a list and you can remove them

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You can also use dictionary block
as @WatermelonIce says dictionary works on Linkedhashmap and as I learned the java I know linkedhashmap does not allow duplicate keys so I have used dictionary in this ways

the output is


then you can do this

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@Enderman has u got ur solution?

This is a very interesting way to do it! the value part can be an empty string for using less memories.

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I will test the method

I want to make a search for aia listview @themaayur but it goes infinite

For aia store, suppose you get value form a database
And you have 3 list title, Download, type
The values in the list are

  1. Search aia, notifier aia, quiz aia
  2. 10, 20, 30
  3. Paid, free, freemium

Then while searching use 1st list and the search result is quiz aia ( index is 3 )
The for getting other info from other lists use select item from list block and set the index to the index of the result.

And instead of using my guide use Extensions as it simplify the blocks.

Can You Provide in Block Format I get data For Airtable

I have given you every thing you need to know, now it’s your time to do some work.
You won’t get everything ready made.

I have already piled up many collage work that I have not used Creator form last month and also not so active in Community too.


when there is a way with blocks,no need of extension

There is already a guide about that

And your methode is same just like this guide you have not just used lowercase that is important

This is not necessary. It depends in your needs.

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i don’t know of that but anyway i din’t copy that i thought myself

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