Remove some rows in app ,,!

can u pls help me ,
when jumping to screen 4 i i only want the first 3 rows to show , … how can i do that ,
the ones showing with the arrows don’t want them to show …
pls watch video


Multiple ways are there

  1. In then web url at the end just add the range

I mean. &Range=A1:C10 like and try

  1. Inside the for each items in the list just use one if then block, i mean
    If select list item list (list) index 1 is not equal to empty
    Then (add the all above said blocks)

test1_copy.aia (26.0 KB)
here’s the aia file , can u do it for me pls
i only want those to show in screen4
all donation
all expenses
available sum

no need of aia, just try like this

no change

You want first three rows then why do you put C10?

If so use one logic inside the for eac items in the list

I didnt use C10,its only a reply to ur comment.
I only want ,when screen4 initials it will show 3 cells only ,
As new to coding im realy lost .!!!

Pls see the reply. You must use C4