Replace elements of a web page in real time

Hello, I try to use a web service that shows me data from the Google Map, but in each new device I must “accept certain terms” before I show the user information.

I would like to find a way to replace the window “accept terms of service” so that the user does not have distractions or questions about the services he uses.

For example: I have an application that displays a custom URL with a StaticMap, every time I use the application in a new device, I must accept the terms and services, but instead of showing me a website window where I just have to give it to a button that says “Enter” to the personalized URL with StaticMap, I want to replace or modify that window with Layout that has a text that says "Welcome to the application, by clicking on the button you accept the terms of data collection of your location and information on your device related to your connections “and underneath the” Accept “custom button, when you click on that button it is as if you were giving the” Accept terms and services "page where the StaticMap will show me.

I’ve tried to use an extension that injects Cookies that have already accepted those terms of service, but nothing happens, still shows that image. For what I want is to customize that previous window, if possible. And that somehow with a custom Layout, send the POST as if you were clicking the real button of the previous window, accepting the terms and services.

I appreciate any contribution.

About which window are you talking ?

And the dialog is from which component?

Sorry, do not mention the component. It is the Webview or similar, that will show me the personalized URL with an image of a StaticMap. But each new device shows me some terms and services that I do not want the user to see, if not replace that information with a personalized one, as if dealing with the CSS, html, JS, etc, that if I want the user to see and be able to press a button that is linked to the button of the window of terms and service and perform that action, and thus be able to view the static MAP URL.