Reporting in the new components

Make sure you have no adblockers, and that your account has never been suspended or similar

hello @Diego my adsense account is disabled so i request to you please change my email adress

Can you start reporting now?

@Diego in this email my adsense account is disabled ? so now you can replace my email address

Reporting will be enabled by this week

Hey, is it ready now?

I see only 00

We’re still ironing out a few issues, but should have reporting available soon. Here’s a sneak peek at the reports you’ll be able to access:

What you’re referring to is the balances page. It isn’t a real-time dashboard of your ads data; rather it is a list of transactions you’ve made (accruals which are released around the 20-25th of every month, and withdrawals that are processed upon your request)


Looks great :heart_eyes:

Ads Not Show

Is it solved