Request for Kodular staff to consider New Update for audio focus and run app in background

Hello Kodular Staff I know that you are coming with new features updates such as run in app background, but please let me add more request on the same component and give the reason why do you we need it as soon as posible.

Please I would like to ask some things that you may consider quick for new updates.
1. App Run in Background
2. Audio Focus
Let me give the reason why we need update for App run in background;
Our users don’t want the app which limits their phone it means if they have opened the Radio on the App it will not allow them to minimize and see it on the background with a stop or pause or play. If the app can’t run in background we developers will lose more users of our app every day.

Eg. The user should be free to use my app eg listening to my Music Streaming and then at the same time charting to other friends he/she has etc. If my app is not allowing him/her to do other things that user will install my app immediately from his/her phone without further notes.

In Audio Focus
Eg. if the app can not recognize the audio it will be a bad app to a user, imagine the user is listening into my video or music streaming app, then the phone call comes or a sms or WhatsApp call or any another notification into his/her device then my app should focus the audio and detect that another audio has come then it should mute the current audio which is my Music Streaming or Video Streaming thereafter the phone call is ended or sms notification is ended then it can resume the previous audio or video.

Thank you Kodular Staff
Warm Regards

What player are you talking about (Player, ExoPlayer, TaifunPlayer, …)?

Background means here, of course, that the app is NOT closed, because background services (tasks) will not be available for Kodular, AI2 etc. in the near future.

The problem with stopping / stuttering the sound when streaming in standby (sleep mode) has already been discussed extensively in the Kodular and AI2 forum.

Btw, the Player component and the TaifunPlayer extension work without any issues in the background (unless it is streaming).

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Hello @bodymindpower Streaming it is what I am talking about did you read it with care?
Note: :point_right: Audio Fucus on both Player, Exoplayer and Webview for Video Player etc.

Thank you for showing up

Of course, and that’s why I mentioned that the problem with streaming has already been discussed …


@bodymindpower so when will the problem be solved?

See e.g. here:

… and e.g. here (AI2 forum):!topic/mitappinventortest/Tz-h1ZysGxY