Request to help on Dynamic Card View

To all Respected Coders,

Recently I Created an Application about Agriculture information in my local Language.

I have approx more than 50 posts and 6 categories.

I Want to Arrange Dynamic card View. I Tries too many times to do it myself, Search on Google, Watch Related Videos, Read Forum and Community Posts, Doing Experiments but I get Nothing.

Here I Provide you Image. This Image is From Another App. I Want to set dynamic arrangment as shown in image.

I almost create everything but some components need to arrange horizontally and some need vertically. I am not able to arrange both arrangments in 1 Dynamic card view.

Please Help me to do this. If possible, Please provide Blocks too.

You will need 10 dynamic components to make a layout like this.

What you have tryied.what you did

I Tried it also. But When I Create Dynamic Comp. for Username, All Username Show in 1 Row.
Will u pls Explain it briefly?

I tried to search about how to arrange this type of dynamic components

For this you will need dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan

dynamiccard.aia (16.0 KB)
You can refer to this AIA file. :slight_smile:

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Hi @golumaths100, if you have the screenshots that will help in knowing that what features are implemented as part of your attached .aia.

I mean how the UI looks like with that.

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After adding all the values in images and labels, the card view will look like the UI you’ve provided in your image.:v:

@golumaths100 I Edit your given .aia File But It is not Working Well. It Only Shows Verticle Arrangment, Not Works Horizontally

To get horizontal, you need to enter image url.

@golumaths100 thanks … It is work perfectly

@golumaths100 Will you pls tell me how to make image clickable? I Tried but not work
I am Not able to click any Image or Label Component.

I’ll show that after half an hour. Till then, just create the card view.

And, if it really helped you, please mark my AIA file as solution. :slight_smile:

Do as follows to enable click in image and label.

Annotation 2020-05-19 213421

Set clickable to true. You will be able to click the image and label.


@golumaths100 Thanks For Valueable Support. I Already Marked Your .AIA File to SOLUTION.
Thanks Again.

Thank You.

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

@Vinaba_Jadeja, would you like to share your screens, how it looks after the implementation.

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