Reset Option Menu Not working

I have created option “ad personalization” and “feedback/request” in side option menu but it show with about this application. I want to remove that so tried reset option menu but its not working any one know how to do it correctly? And even more after i click on any of it it not do what i wannt…so check the blocks and suggest:-

You’re not able to remove that, since it gives credit to Makeroid… A solution is however to remove the Options Menu by using the Properties on each Screen and unchecking, Options Menu.

And what about when i select any option it not work?

This does not work. The block “Reset Options Menu” does not work during execution when called from another block.

This “Show options menu” property does not exist in the blocks

Well that’s because it’s in the Designer, I never knew :smiley:

I didn’t say it was a block, did I? :smiley:

It is a standard of Kodular to have the properties of a component available for use in blocks.
Except for this case. Curiously.

Can you tell me what this method does and how to use it?
In the documentation does not explain.


Screen - Kodular Docs

Unchecking “Show options menu” will no longer have the 3-dot icon visible. Click on the screen of your choice, “Screen1” for example in the Designer, and then scroll down until you see the property.

I need this property in the blocks.

If you’re gonna disable it anyway them why do you need blocks, what’s the point? Plus there are extensions to make these types of menus anyway.

I didn’t want to disable, I wanted to hide.
But anyway. Subject closed.
I made my own Title Bar.

It’s the same thing… You can’t disable something from the actionbar if it’s not your own. You would’ve known that if you tried what I told you to.