Responsive App Design

I need Some help about app developing
I have a error for app designing anyone help me
How to set it keyboard problem

I want to set it how to set can anyone tell me

How to make responsive
Mean ye keyboard ki wja se esa ho rha h k jab bhi textbox me kuch type kry to esa hogata h

You mean that keyboard hides textboxes ? If yes set Screen to scrollable

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Yes how to set i try it many thing
I already use vscorll arg

Screen Scrollable​:point_up:

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Not working friends

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Check in video
How to set it tell me
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:point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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Check it i already use

But not working

Dear check in video what problem have in?

Video is not upload how to show you

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hello tell me how to set plz

If you wish pm me your aia to give it a look

Check all my msg and tell me plz how to set it