Responsive - Make App Responsive In Different Devices [Extension] [PAID]

Responsive Extension
Make Every Component Responsive With Different Devices

This Extension Help You To Make Your App Responsive On Different Devices With Different Screen Size. This Is Easy And Best Solution To Make App Responsive.

  • It's Tested With 100+ Different Devices.
  • It's Give You The Accurate Result.
  • Simple & Very Useful.

    Total Block Of This Extension

    Changes Of Designer Section

    Change Default Height & Width With Your Emulator Screen Size


    How Can You Get Emulator Screen Size
    Connect Live Test With Emulator, Then Drag This Two Block & Do It. It Returns Integer Value.

    After Getting Emulator Size
    You Can Set Default Screen Size On Block Section Using Extension Property Or Integer Number.


    Let’s See How To Make Level Responsive
    Set Font Size To Make It Responsive


    Lets’s See How To Make Component Height Responsive
    Set Component Height Size To Make It Responsive


    Lets’s See How To Make Component Width Responsive
    Set Component Width Size To Make It Responsive


    Let’s See A Example
    The Level1 & Card View1 Is Now Responsive With Any Devices.

    I hope you’ll enjoy this extension

    $3.50 Only

    Updates Log-

  • Accurate With Screen Size
  • Now It's More Time Faster
  • There Are No More Bugs Detected!
  • Now It's More Easy To Use

    Contact via pm.

    If you need source code of this, also you can contract with me

    Thanks for your time


    The fun of Do-It-Yourself is disappearing :"(

    However I will not deny that its extension is useful


    Nice extension.

    These properties can be set without extension then what is the difference between Kodular inbuilt properties and your extension blocks?


    It’s return same value, I have include it for make it more useful when someone will use this & also for time saving, all necessary things is in one block.

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    According to the functions of this extension, may be you should have released it for free.

    I don’t force you, you have been taken efforts to make this extension. It’s totally depends on you.


    I’ll, but I need some time for give it free by offers.

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    Nice extension, but please follow the naming conventions , you can check this guide:


    hello…I need your extension “Responsive App” can I pay by Paypal

    Knock me on messenger, if already knocked, cheek your inbox

    Demo application please

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    knock me on messenger

    I bought its extension … and the truth works 100%, I have no problems for the App to adapt to various devices … I already tried it in 80 different resolutions and dpi … and everything is responsive

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    Can you share apk please

    I’m sorry but i think apk can’t be share. Members with advanced knowledge can extract the extension from the app. And they have not paid for the extension. I hope you understand me.

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    Thanks for a great feedback!

    I removed your personal info from your post. it is not allowed. you should ask for a pm to communicate.


    Can this extension tool be used to specify the x / y of a Canvas Image sprite?

    I’m sorry, but the meaning of the previous question is
    Does “Make Every Component Responsive With Different Devices” also apply to “Canvas image sprite components”?

    if it can be made responsive on the canvas, image sprite, as well as the dynamic components

    That’s right. I want to know that.