REST API Patch request

Does anyone knows how to fire a Patch request through Kodular (web component or otherwise)? In particular, I’m looking to make use of the Firebase REST API.

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youtube is your friend for that

“Thanks, plang58, for the highly relevant answer”.

Haven’t found a solution. Became irrelevant. Solved the need another way.

Mirextreem firebase passwort reset is one of the videos you get a description how to work with rest api

I already use Firebase’s REST API for auth and Realtime db management (better results than the native Firebase Component).

The question was about sending a PATCH request. Firebase’s auth only requires POST requests. Kodular’s Web Component deals with POST, PUT and GET requests, but no PATCH, and that’s what I was looking for, a way to fire a PATCH request to Firebase’s Realtime DB REST API that didn’t rely on external apps, sites or systems.

But thanks, anyway.

EDIT: I reworked my db data scheme to use POST instead of PATCH.

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okok, i know you can work with rest api and you can handle the auth process bc with the integrated component it is not possible to let only auth user write and read in the database, you can all handle with past and get but you need more work for that. i use it only to reset the password. You have for auth a second extension where you can work with auth user rules. But what do you mean with patch ? Can you explain me that, it interest me.

I handle all interactions with Firebase through the REST API. Auth, get and record data to and from Realtime DB.

I’ve created procedures to handle each action to the RealtimeDB (i.e. record an array, record a JSON, get data, delete data, etc, etc, etc…) and the Auth (Sign Up, Sign In, Sign In Anonymously, get user data, request email confirmation, request new password…) all through a Web Component and following the Firebase documentation. I was just looking for a way to use a PATCH request instead of just using POST or PUT (I actually don’t use POST for the way it saves data to the DB).

I haven’t found a way to do a PATCH and have redone the data scheme I was using to be able to do POST and don’t lose data.

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hey can you please share aia of your app, where you us firebase auth via web component i only want to learn, please share your aia with me, i am ok without screen shot also, sorry this reply not about your problem

hahahahahah are your crazy go to youtube and look the videos you want to lean m than use youtube there is a video from mixetremm or how he call firebase reset password. There you can learn. Learning by doing not by looking aia and copy and past into your app. You are lazy not more and you want work from other people.

hey bro cool down, 1st i am not lazy 2nd youtube is good for leaning but some time you can’t understand what they said or how they do that, 3rd i am copying anyone’s aia, i build my own aia, so mind your language and i am not talking to you, learn much from someone’s aia or screen shot, but i didn’t copy anyone’s aia


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