Rollup and remove duplicates

Thanks Scott Ferguson for the PleaseWait.aia.

two records with id=34
Can anyone Help me with this.

I have tried this:

I get unexpected result:

get number is always 7 and text for label 4 is always c2,34,AB,10,11 (first element)

I have search and read similar issue to my question but I don’t get it.

the result that I want is: a list with unique ID and item id 34 has a value of the sum of all duplicates and duplicates removed.

Thanks for your reply but it is still not working…

I tried that. it did not work. Would it make a difference the way the list is created?

I tried image
none seems to work. any suggestions will be welcomed.

Remove Quotation mark And Try Agin

OK I got your suggestion. I am going to follow this thread!msg/mitappinventortest/7jsH889DYt8/R66q86OXCQAJ

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