Run the app in the background

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility to run a query in the background and to start a prudcedur?

Your topic and the query is not matching i think… Actually what kind of help you are seeking?

Wanna run app in background or
Wanna run query to run in background?

If so what kind of query?, from SQL or gsheet?. You are missing lot of info. Pls provide us enough information

Pls ref here…

I would like to run this query in the background? This query is there so that the user can set when he will receive a notification when a battery level has been reached

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then use this extension,

would I like to just don’t know how to program it?

I hope this will help you to learn about it… and go through full guide, surely you will come to know what to do…

thank you, do you have a fondness for the way I ask you, can’t find any contribution

hello, i have a problem i don’t get a notification, the sound is played but no message is sent