Run time error encountered in animation pause

I have download the apk and run without any issue. The app is designed with Phase animation paused now and then, never ended it, because the call to “end application” does not work.

After I ended the app and restart it (with the animation is pause). I got the the following error message:

Runtime Error: Attempt to invoke virual method 'boolean com.daimajia.androidanimations.library.YoYo$YoYoString.isPaused()" on a null object reference.

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Have you Searched community?
Where are your blocks?

You have to post your problem with possible relevant screenshots and blocks, so that we can help you.

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It is a big program, Phase 1 animation is being paused several places. I do think it is in the code.

Are you sure, you have time to through my blocks? I have no problem post it.

Just let me know.

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Thank you, The_K_Studio, You were right. I found an implementation error. The run time error is gone.

Sorry to waste your time.

When I am ready to release the app, it will be a free app for meditation. If anyone is interested to improve, or translate it into other languages, I will share the code.


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